Meet Dr. Libby Lindsay

Dr. Libby Lindsay, BDS, MSC, BS – Founder and CEO of Ingeneous

Internationally published author – Keynote wellness speaker –  Health industry entrepreneur – Academic powerhouse – Eternal optimist

Dr Libby Lindsay

My Story

I went from being a chronic migraine sufferer to a resilient optimistic energized individual. No two people are “healthy” in the same way and that’s why we have created an online wellness portal that focuses on each individual’s genetic science. Ingeneous is a state of the art wellness solution which is available through a simple and affordable online portal.

The innovation around the Ingeneous wellness portal means that we can look at each client’s health from a multimodal focal point to give a uniquely holistic approach to data analysis that is perfect for that users DNA. I enjoy nothing more than working with clients to help them live healthy lives through solving their genetic health answers with the help of the user friendly technology that we have built through Ingeneous.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower humanity with genetic wellness through our groundbreaking DNA wellness portal – Ingeneous. I share my passion for personalized health and genetics, so people can benefit from the new genetic analysis and answers that have been discovered through optimising gene expression. The future is so much brighter than we ever imagined and I’m proud to be a part of the genetic health revolution.

Inflammation and stress seem to dominante almost every aspect of human health. Through my own wellness journey I found an inspired pathway to solving a number of health issues by unravelling the stress and inflammation through proven science and unlocking the answers through my own genetics.

My Education

My diverse educational background includes: BA Psychology, Santa Clara University in California, MsC Pharmacology and BsC Dental Surgery, University of Otago, certified nutrigenomics practitioner. I completed my certified nutrigenomics and ACNEM training in Australia and I spent 8 years in a private nutrigenomic consulting practice and teaching health professionals of all types: medical doctors, pharmacists, physios, dentists, nutritionists, naturopaths, etc, how to analyse genetic data. This led me to develop Ingeneous. I am excited to be in the launch phase of this new business into New Zealand. My team is already underway rolling out Ingeneous through pharmacies and event programmes around the country.

Originally I’m a native California girl, born and raised. And now the highlight of my career has led me to the beautiful lands of New Zealand. My family life consists of two delightful daughters, and our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.