Your Wellness Reports

Starting new habits begins with understanding yourself better and the key to a healthy lifestyle lives in your DNA. Maximise your body’s potential with one of our gene testing reports.

Gene report kits
Essentials genetic report

Essential Start

The perfect start for anyone wanting to learn about essential systems in their body, including inflammation.

Your Ingeneous journey starts here

Essentials genetic report

LifeStyle Plus

All the essentials plus insights and recommendations on key lifestyle choices that best suit your body.

Requirement: Purchase of Essential Start

Essentials genetic report

Weight Management

Our genetically based report and personalised recommendations for weight management.

Requirement: Purchase of Essential Start, Life Style Plus and Methylation Consultation

Essentials genetic report

Methylation Consultation

Continue your journey with support and further insights from an Ingeneous Certified Practitioner.

Requirement: Purchase of Essential Start

Essentials genetic report

Weight Management Consultation

Enhance your weight management report with the guidance of a Certified Ingeneous Practitioner.

Requirement: Purchase of Weight Management

How It Works

The best way to Optimise your ingeneous journey is to follow the below chart. Starting with:

Essentials DNA report

1. Essential Start

Your wellness journey with Ingeneous begins with a nutrigenomic based action plan. Your personalised report has been designed to give recommendations on how to coordinate these systems for optimal wellness.


2. LifeStyle Plus

Say hello to your personalised nutrigenetic maintenance plan. This second step on your journey is designed to support and maintain your improved inflammatory coordination.

3. Methylation Report

Recieve two 15 minute sessions which offer insights to maximise your genetic coordination through specialist only access to additional data points and insights into your methylation system. You will also receive support on your health goals and detail on your analysis and reports.

4. Weight Management

Not everyone burns fat the same way. Get personalised recommendations and insights based on your genetics. Work with your body to burn body fat and reach your weight goal.

5. Weight Management Consultation

Add on a 15 minute Ingeneous Practitioner consultation to support you to achieve your body goals.