Weight Management Report

Not everyone burns fat the same way. Get personalised recommendations and insights based on your genetics. Work with your body to burn body fat and reach your weight goal.


Requirements: Purchase of Essential Start report, LifeStyle Plus Report, Methylation Consult

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Weight Management Report

Six Weight Management Recommendations

Receive personalised recommendations and insights based on your genetics. This report is designed to reveal how you can work with your body to burn body fat and reach your weight goal.

Inflammation coordination

How large a role does Inflammation play in your weight story?


Is fasting good for you or your worst weight loss mistake?


A food recommendation to boost your weight loss journey.

Temperature guidance

Do your genetics prefer hot or cold environments to help you burn fat?

Diet to exercise ratio

Specific guidance on where you should focus your energy.


A powerful supplement to support fat loss, personalised to your genetics.

Three Genetic Predispositions:

Natural athleticism

Are you naturally athletic or will you need to put in extra effort to become an athlete?

Binge eating

You may need to be more cautious to prevent yourself from overeating.

Impulse control

Will sticking to a diet be harder for you than most?

DNA gene report

All your reports in one place

As soon as your genetic SNP test has been processed, your analysis and report will be available in your Ingeneous online portal. Your reports will all be viewable through a dashboard layout, with well-presented detail and recommendations to follow. 

Discover again and again

Ingeneous lives on the edge of genetic science, with future advancements as we evolve you will have the opportunity to learn more from your DNA, all off the one genetic test that you took at the start of your wellness journey with us!

Your Ingeneous Journey

Our reports are designed to be useful and completed as part of a journey to wellness, with recommendations you can action.

Weight Management requires Essential Start, 
LifeStyle Plus, and Methylation Consult.

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