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Our introductory product includes your genetic cheek swab test, a 42 SNP analysis, report covering three hero systems and 15-min discovery consultation with a Certified Ingeneous Practitioner.


This is where your ingeneous journey starts.

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What’s in your Essential Start report?


Your Ingeneous journey to wellness begins with optimising your inflammatory response. Inflammation plays a huge role in your overall health and can stand in your way to wellness and achieving your health goals if persistent.

This report has been designed to give nutrigenomic recommendations on how to coordinate these key systems for optimal wellness. You will receive:

3 Inflammatory Systems Predispositions:

  • Pro and Anti Inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Vitamin D Receptor

5 Inflammatory Reset Recommendations:

  • Nutritional Boost
  • Superfood
  • Lifestyle
  • Foundation Supplement
  • Booster Supplement
Your inflammatory reset recommendations are designed to be precisely followed for a three week period. After this you can continue to follow these recommendations when practical, or repeat this focused reset at least once every six months to ensure positive changes persist.

Pro and Anti Inflammation

Learn how to support your body’s response to inflammatory challenges.

Inflammation is one of the most important systems in the human body. It protects us by recognising and responding to threats from infections and heals us from injuries.

To prevent inflammation from overacting, we can make modifications to help our body respond appropriately to the challenges which come our way. If your inflammatory systems are overactive they can steal valuable resources from other systems in your body, standing in your way to wellness – and if left unchecked could result in disease.


Recommendations to support your detoxification system.

As our body breaks down the foods we consume and daily substances we are exposed to, unneeded byproducts (toxins) must be processed and eliminated from our body. This report includes how your detoxification system is predisposed to operate.

When you are inflamed, resources are borrowed from your detoxification system to address the perceived threat. This means processing toxins efficiently is put on the back-burner preventing your body from effectively ridding itself of these toxins. Improving your detoxification system can assist not only with removing these toxins but also with coordinating your inflammatory response.

Vitamin D Pathway

Learn how to maximise your body’s vitamin D pathway for optimal wellbeing.

Vitamin D is well-recognised for its role in developing bone. It also plays a signalling role, that turns on 200 other genes that benefit wellbeing. Many of these genes are involved in the coordination of your inflammatory response.

Before vitamin D can be used it needs to be activated in your body through the vitamin D pathway. If your vitamin D pathway isn’t working to full capacity, Ingeneous will make recommendations to help your body effectively utilise this powerful vitamin in your body.

Gene testing
Who's the Essential Start report for?

Anybody who is looking to improve the coordination of 3 hero systems, including inflammation, metabolism and detoxification and vitamin D pathway.

What can an improvement in my inflammation coordination help with?

Benefits which can be associated with an inflammation system that is functioning appropriately, includes improved skin conditions, weight loss, eczema, fatigue, rhinitis, digestion, hay fever, food intolerances and many more afflictions.

How do I get my genetics tested with Ingeneous?

Through a simple cheek swab test which looks at evidence-based health markers.

Can I split my payments?

Yes, we’ve partnered with HealthNow so you can split you payments up between 2-6 weeks. Visit their website for more info on payment options.

What insights will I get in the Essential Start report?

You will receive insights for 3 key systems which influence your wellness, plus 5 key recommendations that you can act on.

How long does it take to get the report back?

Results will be available in 9-12 weeks after receipt of your DNA kit in Auckland. It is our intention to reduce this timeframe in the future.

How is my genetic test processed?

The laboratory uses qualitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) technology to accurately read your DNA.

What science is Ingeneous based on?

Ingeneous® makes personalised recommendations based on your genetic SNP results, using the science of nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Your test results are de-identified and held in an isolated and encrypted data vault, based in Australia. Access to your results is only via your password protected profile within

Do I have to follow all of my recommendations to see results?

In the Essential Start in order to experience improvement you need to follow all 5 of your recommendations precisely as they work together synergistically to support all 3 of your hero systems and balance your inflammatory response.

If you only follow 4 of your recommendations for example, you may see some improvement in how you feel but it will be closer to 20%. If you do one of your action points under threshold (i.e. only eat 15g of fibre a day instead of 17g of fibre) you won’t “turn the light switch on” and your potential improvement may drop from 80% to 20%. So please hit your targets for 3 weeks if you can to maximize the benefits!

DNA gene report

All your reports in one place

As soon as your genetic SNP test has been processed, your analysis and report will be available in your Ingeneous online portal. Your reports will all be viewable through a dashboard layout, with well-presented detail and recommendations to follow. 

Discover again and again

Ingeneous lives on the edge of genetic science, with future advancements as we evolve you will have the opportunity to learn more from your DNA, all off the one genetic test that you took at the start of your wellness journey with us!

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Your Ingeneous Journey

Our reports are designed to be useful and completed as part of a journey to wellness, with recommendations you can action.

Weight Management requires Essential Start, 
LifeStyle Plus, and Methylation Consult.

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