Customer Success Stories

Everyone’s wellness journey is unique and our goal is to turn every customer into a success story. We do this through enabling you with the right information and the tools to make real change, for life.


Barry Thompson

“Four weeks in and I’ve not only lost 4kgs but I’m officially not a type 2 diabetic anymore. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Anna Jobsz

“Unlocking my genetic blueprint answered so many questions I had about my health! Now I know the foods, supplements and healthy living tools that are perfect for me.“


Bridget Kelly

“It sounded like a good way to get to the bottom of my health issue. I suffer from eczema and what I’ve tried wasn’t getting to the bottom of it. I got the results, did the first 3 weeks and had dramatic improvements in 5 days. Even with my naturopathic background I couldn’t have come up with such specific answers that worked. A great side benefit is my sleeping has improved, I’m no longer waking in the night which has led to overall energy improvements.”


Kristine Dunlea

“My high blood pressure reduced to normal parameters after completing my inflammation reset plus my achy knees have gone. I also learnt through Ingeneous that after drinking a lot of tea my whole life that I have a strong sensitivity to caffeine, and I shouldn’t drink green tea.”


Hamish Roderick

“After struggling to control my cholesterol for a number of years, regardless of the combination of exercise and diet which was recommended by my GP, only 8 months into my journey with Ingeneous – my cholesterol has reduced. Not only that, I’m a healthier, fitter person which I would credit to my Ingeneous program.”


Rebecca Drake

“I’ve spent a lifetime with eczema, including on my face which troubled me at uni, and now my skin is perfectly clear. I also discovered that calcium was my superfood and I have successfully reintroduced dairy products to my diet.”


Carl Thompson

“My inflammation issues completely cleared up within two days after working out what foods I needed to avoid.”